What is a Community license


What is a Community license?

It is an administrative decision which authorizes to perform carriage of passengers or goods in international transport. What is a Community license? It is a document necessary in the scope of economic activity and is granted to entrepreneurs who are authorized to pursue the occupation of freight forwarder, as well as road transport operator. The document is issued by the hauler's member state where the company is established and authorized to carry out road transport. The number of entries in the license each time corresponds to the number of vehicles in the fleet. International transport license - what is it for? It is a document required to provide transport services. If we want to apply for international transport within the community, we have to apply to the appropriate national institution - it must be the country where we have registered our business. The license for this type of transport is issued for a maximum period of 10 years, and it is possible to extend the validity of the document by additional years. The Community license replaced the license for international transport in 2003. 


License - who issues the administrative decision?

License - where to get it? It is issued on the basis of an administrative decision in the Main Inspectorate of Road Transport. It is issued for a period not longer than 10 years. However, each time you can apply to extend the validity of the Community license for another 10 years or less. Before submitting the application, you have to complete all the necessary documents, which will attest to the entrepreneur's good reputation, financial capacity, and compliance with administrative requirements. Be sure to keep the original document, which should be in the company's office. Also in each vehicle in the fleet must be copies of the document certifying that the license for international transport has been issued.

Extract from the international license, where to collect it? You don't have to collect it at the headquarters of the Road Transport Inspectorate. Formalities can also be approved by one of the local authorities, which is indicated in the relevant law. It's worth remembering that a vehicle that has not been registered and does not have a copy cannot perform international transport services. That is why it is so important that each vehicle carrying out transport in the framework of the forwarding services is included in the entry. Compliance with all these formalities allows you to legally carry out international transport. It is important to comply with all administrative formalities to avoid problems during customs and administrative checks. 


License for international transport - when do I need it?

License for international road transport of goods - when do we need it? It is granted to every entrepreneur who wants to deal with international road transport and in such a case you need to apply for the necessary document in the Main Inspectorate of Road Transport. This document allows us to carry out international cargo transportation for a maximum of 10 years. It is also worth remembering that the company must meet the national permit for the carriage of goods and passengers. This type of document, with a copy in each vehicle, allows you to legally carry out the carriage of goods on international routes. It is even necessary for this type of business.

Do I have to carry an extract from the international license every time? Of course - the vehicle must not only be registered but also equipped with the necessary copy of documents. It will be needed in case of possible customs control, which may take place not only at the border. Having a record by each driver helps to avoid many formal problems during the inspection, and also protects against administrative penalties. Of course, you can not forget about the original document, which at all times should be at the headquarters of the company, which was given in the documents. It is worth sticking to the guidelines, which will allow you to avoid many problems and high administrative penalties.


International license - what does the application contain?

Issuance of license for international transport - how it is done and what must be included in the application? The entire administrative process is carried out by the Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport or a local authority, which is listed in the act. Appropriate documents must be submitted:

  • certifying that the entrepreneur has no criminal record,
  • a good reputation of the company and current financial conditions,
  • documents proving that all administrative requirements stipulated by the law are fulfilled.

Importantly, at least one person who manages a freight forwarding company must meet the professional competencies with certifications that are also listed in the law. Meeting these requirements allows you to apply for a license to conduct road freight forwarding on international routes.

International haulage license - do I have to meet all these conditions? Yes, and there is no exception to this. The document is issued with a term of more than 10 years and the state authority must be sure that the company meets certain conditions required by the act. Importantly, with all conditions met, you get as many license entries as you have in your fleet of cars. Therefore, it is important to keep all the documentation in order and make sure that all the formalities are completed before submitting the application. The undeclared vehicle can not conduct this type of business. Once again, it is worth noting that the issuance of a Community license is also dependent on whether we have a national permit for the carriage of goods.

International transport license - what should be submitted with the application?

What documents are required to apply for an international license? Each properly completed application for a license should include:

  • designation of the entrepreneur, address of the registered office and place of residence,
  • information about the entry in CEIDG and number in the register of entrepreneurs KRS,
  • NIP number,
  • determination of the type of road transport,
  • determination of types and complete number of vehicle fleet owned by the company, which is to be used for international transport;
  • data and contact to persons who are to deal with transport management in the company,
  • Certificate of professional competence of these persons,
  • specification of the number of excerpts from the license,
  • the duration of the service (maximum 10 years).

International transport license - do I have to attach anything else to the application? Yes, in addition, a copy of the permit to pursue the occupation of road transport operator is also required. It is also important to have a certificate from the local authority, which issued not only the certificate of activity but also the vehicles allowed to work and financial requirements. You should also remember to provide the proof of payment for the issuance of the Community license and its extracts. All these documents should be sent to the Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport. You should learn about how to deliver it on the official website, where everything is described in detail. There are also precise deadlines for making a decision and the possibility of appeal.


International transport license - how much does it cost?

International transport license - is the cost really high? This type of license entitles you to legally conduct road transport on international routes and gives access to many markets, including the European community. Of course, this is associated with certain costs. They depend not only on the time for which we intend to conduct international forwarding activity. The number of entries for which we intend to apply is also important. It is forbidden to apply for more entries than the fleet we currently have. This will result in very high financial penalties, charged per vehicle. Documentation must correspond to the current facts and it is worth keeping your papers in order.

Application and renewal of license for international transport - what are the current rates? According to the tariff given by the Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport, everything depends on the number of vehicles reported for transport, as well as the time of service. It will be respectively:

  • PLN 4000 for granting a license for a period up to 5 years;
  • for a period from 5 to 10 years will cost us 8000 PLN.

It is also necessary to add the registration fee for the license, which is exactly:

  • in the period up to 5 years 440 PLN for one entry;
  • in the period from 5 to 10 years 880 PLN for each entry in the license.

All the information and tariffs come from the office's website and are worth using if you want more detailed information.  

Renewal of an international transport license - how to do it?

Copy of the international transport license - how to renew it? As in the case of first-time license renewal, it should be done in an institution dedicated to this type of administrative formalities, i.e. the Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport. It's best to submit the application earlier, it should be at least 3 months before the old document expires. If the application expires on the same day that you are going to apply for license renewal - unfortunately you will have to submit papers for a completely new license. When applying for license renewal, remember to complete the list of vehicles, as well as the list of documents you will find on the road inspectorate's home page. If your business location changes in the near future, as well as there is a change in the other details provided in the application, keep them updated. Taking care of the procedures, as well as keeping the papers in order will help you avoid additional and much longer administrative procedure - it is worth keeping to the imposed deadlines and arranging some things earlier. For more information and more detailed procedures please visit the website of the Main Inspectorate of Road Transport. It is also worth contacting them by phone or e-mail.